We are a full-service Industrial Park founded in 2002, we have a long history of excellent relationships with customers, suppliers, and local authorities.

Our facilities include 21 fully conditioned buildings totaling approximately 568 thousand square feet (53 thousand square meters), intertwined with well-maintained green areas in a slightly hilly landscape ideal for a pleasant work environment.

our history

On January 24, 2002, we were established as the Honduras Free Zone – ZOLIH to attract foreign manufacturing companies that can benefit from the country’s free–industrial–zones law and high–quality/low–cost labor force.

We are part of Bellavista Investments, a well–known holding company that owns a number of industrial and manufacturing businesses. Over the years, the park has built a solid reputation as a place that values hard work, creativity, and customer satisfaction above all else.

our values

Floor Plan

ZOLIH Floor Plan

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We are always looking for aspiring trailblazers with a strong work ethic, a solid sense of self-fulfillment, and no fear of blazing their own path. If you want to work in an environment where you can develop your talent and reach your full potential, please send us your application.

There’s probably an open position for you with us or one of our renowned tenants.

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Security Access
01Admimistrative Buildilng
02 Grupo Karims
Maintenance Area
Containers parking
Containers parking
1925,315 SqFt — 2 containers
1723,383 SqFt — 3 containers
1826,897 SqFt — 2 containers
16 27,000 SqFt — 2 containers
11 36,500 SqFt — 3 containers
1326,900 SqFt — 4 containers
1426,900 SqFt — 2 containers
1526,900 SqFt — 2 containers
1230,663 SqFt — 2 containers
0826,900 SqFt — 2 containers
0726,900 SqFt — 2 containers
0633,945 SqFt — 5 containers
0534,589 SqFt — 3 containers
0432,220 SqFt — 2 containers
0326,680 SqFt — 2 containers
1024,804 SqFt — 2 containers
216,804 SqFt — 1 container
0926,900 SqFt — 2 containers
208,984 SqFt — 2 containers