ZOLI Honduras

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We offer leading edge service.


Human resources services

Banking service on site

Well trained security guards, with emphasis on human relations, customer service, efficiency as well as courtesy; to ensure perimeter protection and maintain a nice environment

24 hour external security

Complete support with operational and environmental permits

Exterior Lighting and Common green areas management

Support and/or assistance in design, engineering, construction, installations

All the Communications Services Supply

Assessment with ISO certifications

Solid waste and garbage Collection and disposal

Loading Docks for Containers

Cafeteria and 4 Kiosks

Custom Clearance On-Site

Comfortable Office Design


ZOLI Honduras Industrial Park offers an innovative package on Human Resource services, which creates a competitive advantage and differentiation. Their main goal is to provide Human Resources and staff development programs responsive to the needs of Green Valley industrial Park customers.

Recruiting and prescreening of personnel

References verification

Employees hiring and exit record keeping

Labor relations

Safety and well trained security guards, with emphasis on human relations

Help in finding cafeteria vendors

Customer service, and efficiency


As part of our first class suite of services, ZOLI Honduras Industrial Park emphasizes the importance of having on-site customs services, where we are able to dramatically improve the time required to clear up the paperwork and regulatory inspections. Customs officials are Government employed, we provide the facilities to the benefit of our clients. We offer this service to expedite the import and export process, the only required document is a DUA (Sole Custom Declaration). Take advantage of this unique service and increment your competitive advantage by optimizing your delivery times avoiding unnecessary delays.


In order for the number of foreign investment to increase, the 1998 law declared Honduras a Free Trade Zone (FTZ) - which allows investors to invest anywhere in the country rather than just in a designated area. The Local manufacturing companies will benefit from being able to import tax free U.S. any kind of material to manufacture and process his industry. No import or export duties for material, equipment or office supplies required by the manufacturing plant, also established for export companies operating in Free Zones:

Companies are exempt from income, city and county taxes

100 percent repatriation of currency is permitted

Paperwork required to clear incoming or outgoing shipments is minimal

Import and Export shipments cleared in less than one day with a single entry/exit document (DUA)

Duty Free Import of all production, machinery, fixtures, spare parts, raw materials, supplies and other equipments

Unrestricted Currency exchange

A company that locates in a Free Trade Zane, Industrial Park or Export-Processing Zone (EPZ) can be privately owned and is exempt from payment of import duties on goods and capital equipment, charges, surcharges, selective consumption taxes, and sales taxes. In addition, the production and sale of goods within these areas are exempt from Honduran federal and municipal taxes. Firms operating in these zones are exempt from income tax for 20 years and municipal taxes for 10 years, and there are no controls or restrictions on the use of foreign exchange or the repatriation of capital profits.

The general purpose of this law is to establish a framework to render the government's administrative procedures more straightforward and consistent, in order to guarantee that all government agencies fulfill their duties in compliance with strict standards of economy and promptness and in the spirit of service.


ZOLI Honduras Industrial Park assures that all role players, collaborators, stakeholders, contractors and suppliers understand their role within the Safety & Security assessment in order to develop their daily tasks and endeavors and most importantly the security squad is owned by ZOLI Honduras Industrial Park.

Training for security guards with emphasis on human relations and customer service and efficiency.

Our security personnel has extensive experience and are well trained in safety as well as human relations and courtesy, to ensure extreme protection and maintain a nice environment

24/7 surveillance; our premises are well guarded to provide the highest safety.